LPHS gears students up for their futures


LPHS hosted a job fair including 41 businesses in the main gym of the high school on Friday, May 17.

Many students are not prepared for the big leap in taking control of their careers, and a majority do not know where they want to go after high school. The goal is for students to attend the job fair in hopes it might spark and idea on a career path.

First, the goal is to educate students of all ages about opportunities and careers across all career pathways in our community. Second, the school wants to allow upperclassmen to connect with the business community on opportunities for employment, mentorships, and internships.

“We want to allow students of all ages to practice employability skills through positive interactions with business and community partners,” Matthew Presley, College and Career Coordinator, said.

Students moved along from table to table learning about different careers in the county that are available. They stopped by many vendors armed with questions about the skills and education needed.

“Preparing for careers and demonstrating and practicing employability skills is something that should be happening at all levels of education. The sooner we get students learning about careers and discovering their strengths and interests the better. You can’t be what you don’t see,” Presley said.

High school students had the opportunity to interview on the spot for job, and many showed up in business attire and a resume in hand.

This inaugural event was nothing short of a success.

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