Making memories and magazines


Mrs. Cooper’s Creative Writing class is nearly ready to launch their much anticipated and award winning magazine.

The theme of the magazine is W.R.I.T.E  O.N., which was decided on after a class vote. The staff enjoyed the pun and the remembrance of a former staff member.

The publication has been in the works for awhile and is all student written. Each member of the class has spent the semester writing pieces, evaluating submissions, and designing pages.

“This class worked together really well and brought many different traits that complimented each other,” Becca Eyrick, senior editor, said.

While the newsroom can’t talk about specific articles, Cooper has faith that all will enjoy the contents of the magazine. They are a mixture of poems, short stories, narratives, and photography.

“It’s really good this year,” Cooper said. “There are a lot of really creative pieces. It’s worth reading!”

All of the students who worked on the article expressed great satisfaction and pride in their work on the magazine. They’ve been at work on it since the beginning of the semester, and finally seeing that hard work pay off is gratifying.

“Throughout the whole semester she’ll [Cooper] give us different prompts to write about,” said Gerrick. “Whether it’s a poem, short story, or dialogue. So we have like two or three days to write it, and we share it with the class and get constructive criticism.”

Needless to say, the creative writing magazine is shaping up to be a rousing success, with the multitude of voices and stories to really give light to the world and LPHS.

The magazine can be picked up in room J.15 and costs $5.


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