Lacrosse nets another great season


The Slicer Lacrosse team has had a season full of challenges but still managed to have fun along the way.

The team started off rough, having problems with team chemistry. They really struggled to find their path to success early on in the season.

“This season had a rocky start for obvious reasons but it really turned around,” sophomore Brock Cothran said. “ I think we didn’t do well out of the gate because not everyone’s head was in the game.”

Despite their lackluster start, the team managed to have a great turnaround as they were able to find the cohesiveness they were looking for early on. After their start, the team went to have a five game winning streak en route to a 7-6 record to end the season.

“The season started off bumpy, but when everybody figured out how to work with each other the season got better,” sophomore Jeramiah Ruiz said.

Most notably, the lacrosse team was down 6-0 in the second half of a game against the Lawrence North Wildcats. They wound up coming back from that six goal deficit and won the game.

Despite the up and down season, it was still bittersweet for those playing in their final year such as seniors Wade Garrett and Caden McShane. Garrett had a stellar season, even being invited to play at the IHSLA East vs. West Showcase.

An injury to McShane’s spleen kept him sidelined for the beginning part of the season. It was while he was injured that he realized he had to give his all in his final season.

“It was one of my favorite seasons and I’d do anything to play again with the boys,” McShane said.

Apart from the competition of the sport, lacrosse also offers a way for players to form relationships that will last years as well as exploring a sport many have not played before.

“[Lacrosse] personally has taught me valuable skills in leadership, working as a team, and commitment. Lacrosse has also kept me out of trouble by giving me a more structured lifestyle,” McShane said.

Many will certainly remember their careers in lacrosse at LPHS as a great experience and one they will remember for a lifetime.

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