Taking on a new stage


Emily Conrad, Staff Writer



Matthew Smith, junior, is about to make history at La Porte High School next school year.

Smith has recently been dubbed LPHS’ first male to make the Pom and Dance team. He has been welcomed to the team surrounded in open arms by his teammates and Coach Tenbusch.

Smith started off on the LPHS Guard team. This is where he discovered his passion for dance and called this his home for three years. Smith decided to make the transition to the Pom and Dance team to develop a wider range of dancing.

“I decided to join the Poms team to expand my dancing technique,” Smith said.  

Smith has a burning purpose that keeps him persistent in doing what he loves. He has taken his hobby to a whole new level.

Smith has surrounded himself within the world of dance to help him grow his skill. He is currently in the Dance Choreography with Tenbusch and even plans on taking more of the classes she is offering next year.

Smith also is involved in dance outside of the classroom as well and also dances at a studio to get extra professional guidance in furthering his technique.

Smith’s transition onto the Pom and Dance team has been smooth. He feels welcome and happy to continue his dance career.

He has a purpose that he carries with him each day he comes to practice. Smith wants people to know that dance isn’t only for girls.

“I hope that being the first male dancer will encourage others to try out. I would like to leave a positive impact on LaPorte High School,” Smith said.

Matthew is doing what he loves while making a statement. He not only is doing it for himself, but for any other boys that might be inspired by his confidence in his passion for dance.

Tenbusch gets the chance to work with him as a teacher and as his coach. She has jumping hopes for what the addition of the first male might contribute to the team.

“I am excited about the potential he has and the example he is setting for the community. Matthew is breaking barriers and proving that dance is not only for girls,” Tenbusch said.