LPCSC welcomes Krutz as new LPMS principal


As the doors are set to open on the new La Porte Middle School, students and staff will be welcomed by a new leader–Beth Krutz.

Krutz, who was born in Carmel and now lives in Valpo, was approved as the new principal back in June. She has been acclimating herself to the school corporation and town ever since, making sure to add plenty of orange to her wardrobe. Becoming a Slicer has been an easy transition for her. 

“Living in northwest Indiana, I’ve only ever heard great things about La Porte. I came out here for the interview and fell in love with it,” Krutz said. 

Krutz has spent the last 27 years in education. The IU graduate earned her teaching license in kindergarten through third grade and spent 12 years in the classroom in Chicago and Merrillville. From there, her move to administration gave her experience at all three levels. She was assistant middle school principal in Merrillville and in Valparaiso served as an elementary, middle principal and assistant at the high school. While she loves both elementary and high school, middle school is her niche. Education is truly Krutz’s calling.

“I have always loved helping others and working with kids. My biggest joy is being with the students and finding ways to help them succeed,” Krutz said.

Krutz and Kesling Intermediate principal Bill Wilmsen have the task of leading the intermediate campus through the merging of what was once Boston and Kesling and bringing in all of the 5th grade staff and students from the around corporation. It’s an exciting change but one Krutz knows will take time and will require a focus first on people.

“It’s about bringing the staffs together. The big focus this year will be collaboration and unity and figuring out what’s best for La Porte Middle School with keeping the integrity of both Kesling and Boston and respecting their traditions and practices but also deciding what we want our new traditions and practices to be,” Krutz said.

That focus on culture and relationships is an aspect of leadership Krutz does not waver from. It will be a constant she pushes from day one, especially the relationship between educators and students.

“I want people to be passionate about content, but kids are never going to learn until they know you care,” Krutz said.

The new buildings are ready to offer many new experiences and courses for Slicer students. From technology, foreign language, agriculture, and many others, the classes available will allow students to explore many different paths in hopes of finding one of interest. This is one of the most exciting aspects of LPMS for Krutz.

“I think the electives are really special. I love choice. I think is choice is so important for kids. The agriculture to me is so cool,” Krutz said.  

Outside of her role as a principal, Krutz can be found spending most of her time with her family. She is the mother of four boys, two who are still in high school. She and her husband, a principal also, have spent a great deal of time in the bleachers at football games cheering on their boys. Krutz also loves exercising, traveling, and cooking. 

Her love of exercising will come in handy in a few short weeks as she and staff welcome back Slicer students for another school year in a expansive, new building. Krutz’s steps forward will surely lead to many new successes the community of La Porte can be proud of.

“I am really excited to get to know the families and community. There is a lot of honor and pride in La Porte, which is really nice,” Krutz said.

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