Ramer bakes a new business


Mrs. Ramer, one of the beloved Family and Consumer Science teachers at LPHS, has caught the attention of several students, staff, and friends with her exquisite cookies.

While preparing for her wedding, Ramer’s love for baking manifested out of a desire to save money. She had no clue it was going to turn into a business.

 “I’ve always been baking cookies since I was a child, but it was more recently when I started to love it,” Ramer stated.

Not wanting to pay an outrageous price for cookies, Ramer decided to jump head first into baking and decorating her own personalized cookies. The cookies Ramer baked for table place cards amazed the wedding attendees, and from there Sweet Kate’s Cookies was born. 

After receiving amazing feedback, Ramer saw the opportunity to make money and to do a hobby she enjoys, and the mixture of social media and deliciousness led to orders pouring in from graduation parties to birthdays to Father’s Day celebrations. 

The business took off this past summer, which allowed for more time, but now the most difficult task is trying to balance school and business. Her normal schedule consists of work and grading papers when she gets home. Although when she does have time, she normally cooks from 4-8 p.m. after completing all other tasks.

“The most rewarding part is seeing all the cookies completed and put together, since it’s such a long process,” Ramer said.

She has received an immense amount of positive feedback since her new venture has started. In fact, the English Department was surprised with English themed cookies on the first day back.

 I think she is insanely talented and the cookies are absolutely beautiful, and she has such a passion for it. They just look too good to even eat,” Mrs. McGuire, LPHS English Department co-chair, said.

Ramer hopes to keep flourishing and making people smile with her cookies. Eventually, she hopes to open her own business inside her home. 

For those looking to order her amazing cookies, Ramer can be contacted for prices or any questions through her Instagram @sweetkatescookies.

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