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Kring Ding: A Man Prepared

Kring Ding: A Man Prepared


There are many up and coming filmmakers with a lot of talent that will one day make it big and take the world by storm. Most are located in major cities like LA or New York City, to many people’s surprise, there is one living right here in Indiana. His name is Graham Hastings.

For years Hastings has been gaining a small but loyal following on youtube as his alter ego, Stupid Slowking. On his channel he makes several videos reviewing movies, doing various skits, and even collabing with other ‘youtubers.’ These included Sgt. Picklehead, Literose, and even Peterscraps, most of which he has formed tight groups that he films with regularly.

Hastings always had ambitions to be a filmmaker, and this year he made a major step to get there by making his first serious short film, titled A Man Prepared. A movie about a young man who gets involved selling drugs with his friend.

I had the fortune of seeing an early screening of this movie and have had plenty of time to gather my thoughts on what I think of it, and I can say without a doubt that Graham Hastings is going places.

His direction in this feature is impeccable. There are tons of long takes, tense swings, and trippy angles that give this movie a voice of its own and elevates the material that’s there. Certain sequences had me glued to the screen through strong foreshadowing, intense direction, or trippy visuals.

What also kept me hooked was the thumping soundtrack by Logn_, who delivers a soundtrack that mainly uses synth to really add character to this picture. A scene will be playing and then the music comes thumping in to put viewers on edge. This is easily one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard in a short film.

This is not a perfect film though, as I feel the dialogue and script are a little clunky. There is an overuse of ad-libbing, making a lot of scenes go on for too long and most really don’t get the point across as clearly as they need to. This overall makes the movie a slightly confusing experience, and it feels like there are gaps missing from it. Perhaps this will improve on rewatches but as is, it feels like the crew should’ve followed more of script.

I would overall recommend everyone watch this film, not just because it’s good but because smaller budget films like this need to be supported so that we can see many young and talented filmmakers spread their voices to Hollywood. I can see both Graham Hastings and Logn_ having very bright futures ahead of them, and make features even better than this.

If you’d like to check out more of Graham’s content go to

A Man Prepared is on his channel as well, you can watch it for free.

3 out of 5 Dings


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