Kroening takes on the music world


Aaron Kroening, sophomore at LPHS, is taking music to the next level.

Kroening’s life is largely dedicated to music. He has been playing music for around seven years. He is a performer at Arts in the Park, Guitar Madness, and plays clarinet his school’s marching band, and pep band.

“He is a self motivated student who is constantly improving and sounding great,” Mr. Sullivan, LPHS Band Director, said.

Kroening also takes guitar lessons, and at one point played for School of Roxx. School of Roxx was a program where a group of kids get together with an instructor to learn about playing in a band. 

“I made a lot of good memories doing that program,” Kroening said.

Recently, Kroening was entered in the Guitar Madness competition. Guitar Madness is a competition where the best guitarists in the county go to Roxy Music and sign up to hopefully compete in a series of performances through Arts in the Park. The grand prize of this competition is a $500 gift certificate at Roxy’s or $250 cash.

Guitar Madness starts with an audition video, followed by voting either online, at Roxy’s, or at Arts in the Park performances. The final four of the competition were announced on August 28th, and the winners were revealed the next day, with Kroening taking the top prize with over a total of 486 votes overall.

“Once my name was said, a huge weight just lifted away from me. Nothing really can describe how I felt in that exact moment,” Kroening said.

Kroening’s passion for the arts has no foreseeable end. In the future, he yearns to be a music educator or director. Kroening wants to be able to do what his band teachers have done for him, and that’s to inspire others.

“They’ve inspired me and have shown me something that actually makes life worth living,” Kroening said.

Kroening’s next step is to keep doing what he is already doing. He hopes to only get better and to keep playing even more. 

“My focus for music is giving those who experience music like I do a chance to express and a chance to feel the ways only music can make you feel,” Kroening said. 


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