Bitzer hitting all the right notes: senior’s music career gaining speed


Ryleonna Bitzer, senior at LPHS, participates in many extraordinary activities outside of school that most people haven’t had the pleasure of discovering yet. Bitzer is not only a wonderful musician and artist, but also the creator of Clique Con, a convention dedicated to the fans of Twenty One Pilots by the fans. 

From a young age, Bitzer always used the arts as safe space and a place she found comfort in, but that started to change when she first listened to Twenty One Pilots. 

“I’ve been listening to TOP since November 2014. What first drew me to their music was the lyrics; no other artist compares. The band is notorious for being mental health oriented and it’s very apparent in the community that revolves around them as well. I listen to them because it’s more than music. It’s always been that way. Twenty One Pilots encourages creation and mental health awareness more than any other musician/group. Their motto is simply ‘stay alive,’” Bitzer said. 

Bitzer started by creating art related to the band and their music, but as time went on, she began posting her art on social media and found that there were other artists and fans like her who found their purpose through the band. In over six months, Bitzer has gained over 5,000 followers and has received over 200,000 views on the introduction to her #WEARETØPPROJECT–a compilation of all the band’s songs through fan art. 

“I struggled with purpose for a very long time. Creating things for this band and it’s fans has built a platform for me to stand on. People message me and tell me that I inspire them and I’ve helped them find purpose in their own creation. Their support keeps me going every day. I’ve always wanted to help inspire those who needed it the most, and it seems that is what I have done, not just with TOP but with my music as well; therefore, a wide portion of my followers are apart of the Twenty One Pilots fan base, because I mostly create art inspired by them,” Bitzer said.

Nothing makes Bitzer happier than standing in the crowd at a TOP concert. Because of this, she wanted to bring clique artists together not just to see their favorite band in concert, but to also share and feature each other art. Thus the idea for the convention was born.

When Bitzer first started planning the convention, it was hard to find a venue due to being under 18. Thanks to her parents and Christopher, a clique artist, the venue has been set at the Ohio Expo Center for June 27, 2020 in Columbus, the band members hometown. 

As of now, minus any future surprises, there will be a display of the entirety of the #WEARETØPPROJECT I created, musical performances, food, artist panels, and booths. It’s fun to note that I am performing with former student Zack Novak as well, and former student Mitchell Moss will be documenting our journey. We have set up RSVP’s, and if anyone would like to attend/volunteer, then just head to It has been paid for by me, former student Zack Novak, CLIQUE CØN shirt orders, and gofundme donations, which have amassed over $1200,” Bitzer said.

Besides the amazing event Bitzer is planning, she is also a musician and has recently been putting out music that she has written herself. In the past few weeks, Bitzer’s singles have been released on many platforms including Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, and Amazon. She has received over 500 listeners on Spotify this month and the numbers are only going to rise from there. Bitzer’s EP, Cell Tower, is being released on September 20th. 

Bitzer and her music can be found on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Instagram and Amazon by searching the name Ryleonna. If anyone is interested in donating to Clique Convention, the link is

Bitzer may not be a name known around the country yet, but as strives to reach her goals as a musician and leader, it is easy to tell she is capable of anything. 

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