Alli Glen: a voice for all


Around 2,000 students walk the halls of LPHS on any given day, and all have a have story to tell. One student in particular finds her passion in capturing the stories of others.

Junior Alli Glen uses her talents and passion to shine a light on LPHS and its many talented Slicers as the Slicer Newsroom editor and the La Porte High School #1NWI Student, a chosen journalist who writes for the Ideas in Motion media group.

Glen is in her second year on the Slicer Newsroom staff, and while she started with some doubts and anxiety, she has blossomed into one of the strongest and most talented writers of the past few years. Due to this, Glen was named the Slicer representative for Ideas in Motion’s #1 Student program, taking the torch from former editor Alyssa Foster.

The #1 Student program selects one student from schools in the Region to write monthly stories about what is happening in the student’s respective school. This prestigious program has been a hotbed for developing and highlighting incredible young journalists. Glen fits right in with that group.

“At first, it was a ton of pressure to take on such a huge role, but now I love it! It’s something that sets me apart from everyone else, and I know it is making me a greater writer in the process, too. I love being able to write whatever I want to write about LPHS,” Glen said. “I get to use MY voice, and everyone else just reads it. I think it is special having the chance to bring great, positive news from La Porte, and sharing it with the people of LP County Life. It brings light to our area, and I love that I get to initiate that.“

It was an easy choice for Erin Parker, Slicer Newsroom adviser, on who to nominate to fill the role.

“Alli was the obvious choice for me for many reasons. She puts her heart into her work, has an undeniable knack for writing, and is reliable. She is the perfect person to represent LPHS,” Parker said.

Glen does not just excel putting words on a page. She is a 4.0 student who shines academically due to her hard work and intrinsic motivation. That drive started in 8th grade after her math teacher instilled the importance of good grades. Glen has carried the goal of being at the top of her class ever since.

“After that year [8th grade], I realized how hard I had worked, and I still keep pushing to work hard just to see how close I can get to achieving that goal that 8th grade me worked endlessly for,” Glen said. “I receive absolutely no pressure at home. My mom is so proud of me. She would be proud of me even if I earned B’s or C’s because she knows that everything I do is always my best.”

Her best is put to the test every day with her demanding schedule. During the day, Glen finds herself in many AP courses, Precalculus, Wind Ensemble, and Spanish 3. She is also in the LPHS Marching Band, serving as section leader, and Pep Band. Being in the music program for the past six years has helped Glen grow in more ways than one.

“In music, there is nothing more satisfying than growing as a musician and person throughout the year. You gradually become better, it doesn’t happen overnight. When you notice that you’re now able to play a tricky rhythm or high note, it’s a feeling of pride that takes over you. It’s so special,” Glen said.

Glen finds that her personal growth mixed in with the backing of the program as a whole makes for a safe and enriching environment.

“I also love how supportive the community is of the music program. In every band I play in, there are always supporters no matter if it’s 90 degrees during the marching season, or if it’s -5 degrees outside in the winter for our December Concert Band concert, there are always so many people who genuinely love the music program,” Glen said.

Glen manages to find not only the time to excel in all these areas but to also hold down a job in the few free hours she has during the week. She is truly well-rounded and able to keep her busy schedule in check.

Glen, unsurprisingly, has already set goals and plans for her future. She wants to attend IU-Bloomington to major in Early Childhood Education with a possible minor in Spanish.

More than all of her obvious skills and accomplishments, it’s her heart and determination that make Glen stand out to students and staff. She is a constant friend and cheerleader to all. 

“Alli is an extraordinary human–a talented, witty, kind-hearted soul–who sees the big picture ideas of life and simultaneously put incredible energy into all the small details, too. She inspires me,” Carolyn McGuire, LPHS English teacher, said.

Glen’s impact is one that ripples far and wide. LPHS and all those around her are lucky to learn from someone who leads from the heart.

“I just want people to know me as someone who doesn’t take the easy way out, someone who works hard, and someone who literally puts their all into everything. Before all of that though, I want people to remember me as a good person with a good heart. It’s fine to be successful and a hard worker, but if you don’t have a big heart, it’s not really anything special,” Glen said.

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