McShane dances her way to captain


There comes a time in many athletes careers when they are ready to try out for team captain, but that time has come early for sophomore Mady McShane. 

McShane was chosen as one of three guard captains back in June when the marching band season started. Alongside juniors Madison Aguirre and Maddy Whiteman, the girls were selected to guide the 2019-2020 color guard and winter guard seasons.

McShane originally didn’t want to try out for a captain position; however, after seeing potential in all the guard members, Lorenzo, the choreographer for color and winter guard, decided to have them all try out. When selected as one of the captains, McShane was excited but also felt like she didn’t deserve the title considering all the seniors and those older than her in color guard. Others in the guard were happy for her and ready for the season under her guidance.

“During practices, McShane is very open to new things, and she is very smart when it comes to putting things together. She’s funny too,” guard captain Maddy Whiteman said. 

McShane hopes for a season full of growth and togetherness for color guard and marching band. As for personal goals, she wants to be able to say that she did everything she could to better herself and the team.

“I want us to be able to rely on each other because I feel like we need to be united as one group and not as an individual person,” McShane said.

McShane believes the relationship she has formed with the marching band and guard is worth more than any first place title. Her favorite thing about working with them is seeing the progress the group makes. 

“When we first started, the rookies were at one level, and now they’re at a completely different level that I didn’t even think they would be able to do. It makes me feel really proud of them,” McShane said.

Those who are in color guard chose to describe McShane with words such as fearless and kind.

“She really doesn’t lose her temper that often at all. She’s very cooperative, and she’s also really patient with the rookies and the vets,” veteran guard member Xian Bell said.

Apart from color guard, McShane enjoys playing with her horse, Dazzle, as well as hanging out with friends. She also works hard in school and takes pride in being a 4.0 student. Her strategies to keeping good grades include understanding her priorities and trying not to lose herself in the stress.

The marching band season is bound to be a good one with the help of McShane.


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