Former Slicer Oberle shines creatively


Areonna Oberle represents the Slicer name no matter what side of the planet she’s on and no matter the creative process she’s pursuing.

Oberle graduated last year with the Class of 2019, and ever since her sophomore year at La Porte High School, she has been fascinated with the German language. In fact, she spent most of her time at LPHS focusing her studies on it.

All of Oberle’s hard work in high school paid off when she successfully applied for a foreign exchange program at IUSB where she spent six weeks in Austria in the summer of 2019. 

“It was exhausting! Especially the first couple of weeks because I was getting used to cultural differences and language barriers. You move in with a family you’ve talked to only once or twice,” Oberle said. 

Oberle’s immense interests in European culture helped her fit in fast, and she found herself wanting to stay in Europe longer than she was allowed.

After some convincing from her mom, Oberle decided to attend IUSB and study German. She plans on earning a teaching degree to help students love the language as much as she does. Oberle hopes the degree will help her be able to visit Europe without having to speak English the entire time.

Besides German, Oberle also has a passion for music. Not only was she drum captain in marching band during her senior year, but she also produces, writes, and composes her own music. Her music falls under the shoegazing genre, also known as dreamy pop. 

“I definitely make music for myself. Especially when you’re a self producer, it’s cool that you can listen to something and then be like, ‘Oh yeah I 100% made that by myself with no help whatsoever,’” Oberle said.

Oberle starts by figuring out chords for a song, creating a guitar riff to go with it, adding reverb, and then making a drum, followed by a small amount of bass. After that, she writes lyrics to go along with her songs. 

Not only does Oberle have a knack for creating music, she’s also talented at dancing to it. It is one skill of many that she has taught herself.

“I like to dance. It’s weird. I also love skateboarding. I learned how to dance and skateboard earlier this year, all by myself. Everything I do is self-taught. I love teaching myself things.” Oberle said.

Although Oberle finds herself busy with many of the things she loves, she still misses attending LPHS.

“It was the peak of my entire life, not going to lie with you. I was very social, made a lot of friends, did really well in academics. It was an ultimate success. I loved it,” Oberle said.

Oberle’s adventures have just begun, and LPHS is proud to say that she will always be a Slicer.

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