LPHS adds Robotics Club



LaPorte High School has started a Robotics Club this year.

Morgan Hauck, the brand new Project Lead the Way teacher, is set to lead the club. She went to school at Purdue Polytechnic at the West Lafayette campus. She has a degree in Engineering Technology Teacher Education, as well as a minor in Design and Innovation. 

The Robotics Club will be building a full-sized robot that can accomplish eight tasks: holding a ball, shooting and placing a ball at certain heights, holding a disc, placing a disc at various heights, driving around a playing field, and lifting itself onto a platform. Some of these tasks will be controlled through the robot itself and not the student.

Hauck has always been interested in robotics and how machines work. She believes that by having a club in high school, students will have a leg up when it comes to finding jobs after graduation, during college, and sometimes during their time at high school. Robotics helps with practical hands-on skills, manufacturing, programming, design, teamwork, and communication, which are major disciplines that apply to everything in an engineering class. The students who participate will have a sense of pride in being able to say that they built something most people can’t.

“Building a robot is not an easy thing to do, but seeing what you’ve built actually work? That’s a feeling most activites can’t beat,” Hauck said.

The Robotics Club is partnered with New Prairie High School Robotics who is helping with the whole building process. New Prairie has a highly successful and experienced club. Together, LP and NP are currently getting ready for the Boiler Bot Battle in November.

Hauck has enjoyed this process, especially leading in a male dominant field.

Hauck finds it interesting that the classes she didn’t take is what she’s teaching in high school. That class was full of boys and male teachers, and at that age, it was intimidating. Hauck now wants a bridge for students, especially girls who are interested but intimidated by who will be in the classroom, and she hopes that it’ll become and avenue for more females to enter this field. 

“I want more women to feel equal in the field, and that starts with their education before college,” Hauck said.

Hauck graduated with two other women in her field who are successful as teachers teaching engineering and design to students. What brought Hauck into this field was the fact that it had so many different applications beyond teaching. 

“Everyday is something different for students, and there are so many different activities that I can use in my classroom to keep things interesting,” Hauck said.

To join the Robotics Club, students should contact Hauck in room F.12 or over email at [email protected]

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