Budding Slicer filmmakers begin working on short film


Senior Belle Bailey and some fellow Slicers have started writing and planning a short film that is to be expected in the spring of 2020.

In the film, one of the characters, played by Belle Bailey, vanishes suddenly. Four of the other characters, played by seniors Ashley Cook, Ryleonna Bitzer, and Madisen Novak, and junior Nellijah Fleming create a group to search for the missing teenager. The film follows their journey: looking for clues, flashing between past and present, and also following what the missing character was going through.

Bailey has always been interested in film and writing. In Miss Scanlin’s English class last year, Bailey was working on a project and created the idea for the film. She based the characters off of randomly generated Sims characters. Once Bailey started writing, she couldn’t stop.

Despite Bailey’s constant writing, she wants this piece to be her best.

“My main hope for the film as of right now is to just make this the greatest thing to come from my mind. Yeah, I write a lot, but this has to be perfect to me. I don’t want this to be limited to some small film. I’m actually planning on entering in film festivals. This isn’t just a novel I wrote when I was bored: this is real life to me,” Bailey said.

Bailey works hard and stays busy trying to balance school, AK Smith, a shift at Marco’s Pizza, and now working on a script for the film. The group plans on making posters to help spread the word about the film. They also work on photoshoots often for pictures, which will help the anticipation of the short film. 

The film carries a lot of meaning with it, too. Not only is it a story of determined friends, but it has many ins and outs.

“Firstly, I want this film to teach the viewer to appreciate the people you have. If you have someone who’s willing to stand by your side through anything and everything, don’t degrade them or humiliate them. Don’t continuously argue with that person,” Bailey said. “Second, if you truly care about something, sometimes it makes you take matters into your own hands. Nothing good has ever come from sitting and waiting for other people to do the job.”

Senior Slicer Madison Eavey, a close friend of Bailey’s who is acting in the film, is excited to see her best friend’s vision take shape in real life. 

“She’s been working on something like this since we were juniors, and it’s so inspiring to see the entire process,” Eavey said. “The only way you really know how something will come out is if you do it; therefore, do it, and watch the magic happen.”

The film is set to release in the spring of 2020, but the crew is already hard at work. Behind the scene pictures and photoshoots will be uploaded on their Instagram page @fireescapeofficial.


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