Big Wins at Homecoming


Every year the anticipation for homecoming at La Porte High School is hot, with most students having strong feelings on who should be voted king and/or queen. This year though, most would agree, that the competition has never been steeper. 

The hallways were filled with supporters offering various items to get support from the student body, ranging from candy, ramen noodles, to even baked cookies. The lockers are still aligned with various pictures and notes that encourage people to vote for certain homecoming candidates. 

It was an overall exciting time to be a Slicer and a very exciting time to vote. Almost all of the student body participated in electing their favorite candidates and offering support. Whether it be at school or on social media, where photos and slogans supporting these people can be seen everywhere.

“I’m just doing this for fun,” Diego Diaz-Lopez, homecoming candidate said. “I’m not trying to make anyone vote for me. I’m just trying to be myself.”

It’s not just the students who have strong opinions about homecoming, but also the runners (including Drew Lipscomb, Maggie Cornett, and Mathhew Smith) themselves. While some were racing to the finish line with all they’ve got, others were more content to go with the flow and have a good time. 

Well, the winners were announced at the homecoming game last Friday, and the two candidates that came out on top were Diego Diaz-Lopez for King, and Olivia Zarantonello for Queen. 

Diego’s campaign made waves throughout high school, with his picture being displayed in the intersection of the hallway and on various social media posts. 

To be honest, the fact that he would win was fairly obvious, as before the Homecoming game, Slicer Newsroom asked several students who they were voting for, and most said Diaz-lopez.

“He pulled the best thing to get me to vote for him,” Jacob Rabideau, junior student, said.

Not only are strangers voting for Diaz-Lopez, but also close friends. He personally thanked the soccer team for taking pictures of him and acting a the backbone of his campaign and student Owen Dankert who also played a big role in it.

“I got Diego all the way.” Graham Siefker, Junior student said, “I’ve been on that train since the beginning.”

No matter what the year is, it’s always good to see support for Slicer activities and candidates.


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