Photo Club holds photography showcase


LPHS Photo Club held a showing of their best photographs at Hot Spot Café on November 2nd, 2019.

At the event, members of Photo Club were able to showcase their proudest pieces–either ones that were taken during or outside of their meetings. Every Wednesday, the group meets to take pictures, have discussions, and present their work. Several La Porte locals attended to view the photographs, and members were given the opportunity to explain their pictures to those viewing. 

“Today we are showing a lot of nature photos. There’s not a single picture on display that isn’t partially outside,” Photo Club sponsor and art teacher Mr. Turner said.

All pieces that were shown were pictures taken solely by the members of Photo Club. Photo Club is a gathering of people who share a likemindedness for the love of photography.

Students interested in joining should talk with Mr. Turner about the club’s expectations. 

“If someone was wanting to join, he or she should understand what a good picture can be. Ultimately, they should do some research, just truly enjoy photography, looking at pictures, talking about pictures, and taking pictures,” Turner said.

Students in Photo Club often work together and spend time discussing what would look best to capture. 

“Photo Club is a place where you can express yourself by taking photos of things you enjoy. It shows a picture of how you really feel inside. There’s so much creative freedom. Mr. Turner will give you a topic, but you are allowed to go free and change that topic if you want, which is what makes it so interesting,” Photo Club member Xander Maddox said.

Anyone interested can join Photo Club at any time; the club is always open to new members. Photo Club plans on having more showings in the future.

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