Sgambelluri reinvents PCC class at Kesling middle school


Former Boston librarian Mrs. Sgambelluri has taken the position of teaching Prep for College and Careers (PCC) at the middle school. 

The class is being introduced for the first time to eighth graders, but it has also been taught at the high school to freshman.

The class usually consists of learning about career paths, getting ready for college, and discovering what is best for the student; however, Sgambelluri has taken her own approach to teaching PCC. Once a week, a speaker is brought in to talk with students and give a presentation on their specific career. The goal is to invoke a student’s mind to help them decide whether or not that career may interest them.

“I hope that students will learn to set goals and plan for the future. I hope they realize that being punctual and taking pride in their work is a life skill. People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. This is a step in getting them to think and plan for their future,” Sgambelluri said.

So far, the class has experienced a visit from an insurance salesman, golf pro, staffing specialists, a representative from the IBEW, and many more. 

Sgambelluri’s transition from librarian to teacher has been fast, but she is adjusting well since she has already experienced life as an educator.

“I loved being the librarian at Boston; however, this was something that I have done in the past and could see myself doing again. Life is about change. You have to roll with it,” Sgambelluri said.

PCC is an important, unique class which educates students on whether or not college is the right choice for them, which career best suits them, and how to be prepared for life after high school. Sgambelluri’s exciting, interactive, and intuitive way of teaching the class is sure to prepare them for whatever path they pursue. Her students will continue to not only be taught but also shown what real life looks like.

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