Olson makes math fun at LPHS


Math teacher Mr. Olson is still keeping learning fun and exciting in his 26th year teaching at LaPorte High School.

Olson originally pursued a degree in aerospace engineering, but while he was tutoring his mom in college, he realized teaching was the career for him.

“I really thought wow, this is awesome,” Olson said. “It was fun to see that light go on in someone’s head.”

After this, switched majors after three years and pursued his career in mathematics.

Olson teaches Precalculus and Probability and Statistics, and is actually the first and only person to ever teach Probability at LaPorte.

“I love the real life application, dice, cards, games that you play a lot, lottery tickets. All of this stuff you do is based on Prob and Stat and people just don’t realize it,” Olson said.

Olson always tries to have fun in his classes. In his Prob and Stat classes, he holds a poker tournament every semester. The top three players always receive extra credit, and the tournament is a great way to learn about probability.

“I just think it’s fun, and it’s real life,” Olson said. “We do all of that math, and you can see it come to life on the board.”

Despite loving his job, Olson briefly left teaching for a year to work as CFO for the school corporation; however, he enjoyed teaching too much and returned after only one year.

Olson also is famous for his Rubik’s cubes, which he arranges every day into various shapes and characters.

“I was at Red Robin with my family and they had one, and I thought it would be cool to have one,” Olson said. “So on Christmas, my wife got me this big gift, and it was in there.”

Some teachers tend to lose that spark after teaching for as long as Olson has, but he still comes to class everyday, ready to teach and inspire his students. 

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