Lancioni goes to Germany

Lancioni goes to Germany


Teachers still love to learn and see new things just as much as students. One Slicer educator just took and exciting adventure out of the country. Sonja Lancioni, Spanish teacher at LPHS, recently traveled to Germany in September.

Lancioni had several reasons for traveling to Germany. One being that it was her 30th wedding anniversary, and this was a gift to both her and her husband. The avid travelers spent over a week a world away. 

This trip has made it to the top of her long list of favorite places to travel.

“It was one of my favorites. There is so much history there, plus lovely friendly people, great food, and gorgeous Alpine mountains,” Lancioni said.

While in Germany, Lancioni visited Bavaria, Munich–the capital–Berchtesgaden, Garmisch, Salzburg, and Innsbruck Austria. Her favorite place to visit was Berchtesgaden in the Alps. While they were there, they were able to see the location of the D-Day landing of Allied Forces. Lastly, they attended Oktoberfest in Munich with their friends.

If ever traveling to Germany, Lancioni recommends seeing the Bavarian Alpine region, Berchtesgaden, Disney World, Munich, and Salzburg.

Lancioni has traveled to several countries including Spain, Mexico, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Puerto Rico, and several Caribbean islands, but her new favorite is now undoubtedly Germany.

There’s more to traveling than just sightseeing, and for Lancioni it’s being able to enjoy the present moment and to learn new things about different cultures.

It’s important to me because it gives me a first-hand experience in person of the landscape, culture, food, architecture and people are like. Plus, it’s an opportunity to meet new and interesting people and learn new things,” Lancioni said.

Lancioni thrives on seeing other cultures and how their lives differ from others. Lancioni believes that traveling helps gain and improve new experiences of how people see the world. She believes that the more travel a young adult does, the more perspectives they gain.

In the past, she’s introduced her passion for traveling to students by traveling with them on school trips. Last spring break, she and other Spanish teachers at LPHS traveled to Spain to help share the knowledge of the cultures in Spain to eager students. 

Whether it’s with her family or with her students, Lancioni always jumps at the opportunity to travel.

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