Brown’s impact


Jamaal Salary, Staff writer


Jason Brown, LPHS social studies teacher, is ready for another year of coaching and teaching.

Brown’s love for sports started early in his life. He competed in football, track, cross country, and he even competed in marching band. There was one sport, however, that Brown was destined to compete in.

When he got cut from the 8th-grade basketball team, his Industrial Arts teacher took the opportunity to get him involved in wrestling at his alma mater Peru. 

Brown immediately became hooked after the first day. Although he didn’t have a winning record early in his wrestling career, he improved immensely throughout high school. By his senior year, he was able to punch in his ticket and become a State finalist.

After his success at Peru, Brown decided to continue his education and wrestling career at Manchester University where he was a varsity letter winner for four years.

Brown became more involved in coaching while in college by returning back to Peru to help coach the club program. Coaching was the obvious next step for Brown.

“I love teaching, and I love the sport, so it is a natural fit. Ultimately, I want to see kids have an experience similar to mine,” Brown said.

After graduation, Brown began teaching and coaching in 2001 at Huntington North, where he was the head coach. Then he became an assistant coach at his hometown program, Peru, for his high school head coach. While he was at Peru, he took the task of coaching high school, middle school, and club program.

After being there for a while, Brown and his family decided to move to LaPorte because of his wife’s change of profession. After they made the change, Brown took a job as a social studies teacher at LPHS. He decided to also contact Coach Kuzdas and get involved in the wrestling. After getting involved in the wrestling program, Brown decided to make it his mission to help Slicer Wrestling to be a success.

Brown has made it known that he is proud to be part of La Porte Slicer Wrestling by giving his heart to the program and has shown that he is proud of all the kids who have gone through the system.

Browns’ goals for the ‘19-’20 season are to get wrestlers out there and compete. Brown believes that if he could do that, kids will be able down to the State finals and get medals. In that process, they want to get as many kids deep into the Regional and Semi-State rounds of the IHSAA State Tournament.

Brown’s impact does not only apply to the mat; it also applies to the classroom. He is currently teaching U.S. History, Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Geography and History of the World, but he has also taught Economics and AP Psychology. Brown has been teaching at LPHS for a total of six years.

Outside of school, Brown and his wife Sarah Brown have six children Olivia, Noah, Kirsta, Allison, Madelyn, and Mackenzie. He is able to manage a busy home life with his busy work life.

“It’s tough, but you have to have a great partner in life if you ever want to be successful in all areas of your life, and my wife is key to me being able to coach in the way that I do,” Brown said.

No matter what Brown is doing, one can bet he is making a difference.