LPHS’ second Chili Cook-Off


La Porte High School teachers decided to spice up their lunch break with the second annual LPHS Chili Cook-Off during the e-Learning day on November 6th.

10 of LP’s best teacher chefs decided to partake in this much anticipated event. The staff brought in their best versions of their homemade chili to share and enter in the competition.

There were four judges- Señora Krause, Mrs. Dawson, Mrs. Niksch, and Mr. Schwager- who tried every chili made, and they casted their vote at the end of the taste-testing. The judges voted based off of appearance, taste, flavor, texture, and aroma.

In third place, Ms. Gilliland shocked the judges with an exciting twist on her chili recipe. She went for a buffalo chicken take, which truly stunned the judges. 

Ms. Gilliland’s Buffalo Chicken Chili was a fan favorite and her crockpot was basically licked clean! There were ZERO leftovers!” Mrs. Dawson said.

In second place, Mr. Thomas’ creative chili name: Carol’s Chili, won him the runner up position. His chili was very traditional, having the right amount of meat and chili beans with just enough seasoning.

The most delicious and creative chili of the day, however, was Mrs. Scott’s, who decided to take a Texas-Mexican attempt at a classic chili. Her risk paid off, and she was crowned Chili Cook-Off Champion. 

I really loved participating in the chili cookoff because it gave me the opportunity to get to know more of my colleagues since it is my first year teaching at LPHS, and this place is full of so many great educators,” Scott said.

Scott’s win took last year’s champion Mr. Doty by surprise. He ended up handing over the Chili Spoon Trophy to a new conqueror, and he was quite upset about it.

I went out on a limb and tried an off the wall recipe that included cherry juice and pumpkin,” Doty said. “You can’t win them all I suppose…”

The professional development day wasn’t all just work, and the teachers proved that they not only can excel in the classroom but also in the kitchen.

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