Sensow makes a mark online


Sophia Adkins, Staff Writer


Sensow makes a mark online

LPHS is home to several creative students achieving goals inside and outside of school, but senior Kobe Sensow is finding success and making a name for himself online.

Sensow has devoted a huge portion of time to creating videos for his YouTube channel @LightningShock. The channel was created on December 12, 2016, and he has already gained just above 35,000 views including over 1,000 subscribers. 

With nearly 400 videos posted, Sensow explained that the hardest part of having a channel is trying to find a balance between school work and creating content, not including the editing that goes along with it. Sensow’s main reason for starting a channel was to make friends, help others, and improve in editing and graphic art.

Sensow’s success has come with hardships as well. He has been in a fight with DIGeorge and Evans Syndrome.

DIGeorge is a rare syndrome that causes heart defects, poor immune system function, a cleft palate, and low levels of calcium in the blood, and there is currently no cure for this syndrome, just treatments. Evans syndrome is an autoimmune disorder that focuses on destroying the blood cells and platelets. Sensow gets a IVIG infusion monthly, to treat any autoimmune infections that may occur.

 “The hardest part was never knowing when I could leave the hospital,” Sensow explained. 

After spending over a month in the hospital after his diagnosis, Make-A-Wish Foundation eventually reached out to the Sensow family, and offered Sensow a trip to California this past September. 

While visiting California, he was given the chance to check off a major item on his bucket list and visit the headquarters of Roblox. Roblox, is a multiplayer gaming platform that allows players to create their own games and even play other players games. 

While visiting, Sensow met the CEO David Baszucki and talked about their shared interest with the game. While meeting, Baszucki discussed the history of Roblox, why he created it, and the future of the game.

 “The trip affected me because I met loads of Roblox developers, and I actually feel a little safe posting the vlog about it on my channel, so people know what I am going through. This also got my favorite YouTuber ‘KreekCraft’ with over 800k subscribers to notice me and followed me on Twitter,” Sensow said.

The most successful people are the ones who do not let life’s roadblocks stop them. Sensow is a shining example of that. Head over to his YouTube channel and subscribe.