Korells: partners at LPHS and home


Sophia Adkins, Staff Writer


Korells: partners at LPHS and home

One last name brings a great deal of joy to the halls and students of LPHS. 

Thomas and Cathy Korell are two beloved Slicer teachers. Little did they both know, nearly 24 years ago, they would start many of the best chapters in their lives together. 

Both Korells attended Purdue and on February 24, during a blind date scheduled by Mrs. Korell’s sorority, met for their first date. Mr. Korell found that her confidence and ability to be calm attractive. Mrs. Korell enjoyed how he taught her how to play the card game Euchre and had enough patience and skill to teach it. The two would never have a first date again

While enjoying a walk on the beach after eating at New Buffalo on August 5, Mr. Korell finally proposed to her with her grandmother’s ring. Mrs. Korell was suspicious that something was going to happen, she was also very nervous he would drop the ring in the sand.

December 23, 1995, was their big day. The Korells had a Christmas wedding to celebrate. Family and friends arrived at Merrillville Wesleyan Church that afternoon for the ceremony. 

“It was a typical and standard wedding decorated with Christmas decorations,” Mr. Korell stated.

A year after they married, they slowly moved from a small apartment in Crown Point to a new house in LaPorte. Housing was much cheaper, and Mr. Korell’s family lives in the area. 

Some traditions they enjoy doing together is Christmas dinner with Mr. Korell’s side of the family, going to Purdue Lacrosse games and gymnastic meets for their two children, and more recently, watching several Hallmark movies. A couple of other activities they like to do together include going out to dinner, taking walks on the beach, or taking their dogs for a walk/scoot.

Although they are very different, as Mr Korell is described as humorous and a spaz and Mrs. Korell as calming and patient, they both plan on staying healthy and enjoying their kids futures, eventually having grandkids running around someday.

Not only do they see each other at home but at school as well. Mr. Korell has worked at LPHS for the past 12 years as a math teacher. After working at Boone Grove for 26 years, she decided to make LPHS her new home, joining her husband as a Slicer. Working together is easy for the commute and makes telling work stories much easier to understand. Mr. Korell knows that Mrs. Korell is a valuable addition to the Slicer staff.

“She’s a great listener and really cares about her students. I think with her knowledge of both French and Spanish, she can really make it so they can understand it and has the patience to work with them until they get it. The trike races they have in French Club look like a great time too!” Mr. Korell stated. 

Mrs. Korell had nothing but good things to say about his teaching styles and techniques.

“Like when he taught me Euchre, he is very patient and can almost tell what you’re thinking wrong and helps you fix it. He makes math clear, which isn’t easy. He’s funny, too, which makes teaching fun being able to laugh with your students.” Mrs. Korell happily stated. 

No matter what, though, the Korell’s have fun with each other.

“He has helped me laugh at myself and not take things too seriously.  I’ve learned all about hockey from him which has been fun,” Mrs. Korell said.

It’s clear to see that they both impact each other’s lives in a positive way and teach new things inside and outside of school.

“She has taught me to slow down, less is more.  She’s calmer than me so it’s helped me over the years to not try to do everything in a rush.  Still a work in progress, but she’s helped me a lot in that way,” Mr. Korell said.

The halls and classrooms are certainly a brighter place, and Slicers have the Korells to thank.