Red for Ed rally


Many of LPCSC’s educators made the journey to stand up for public education at the Statehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 19th.

Throughout the state, there ended up being around 20,000 teachers carrying hand-made posters, proudly wearing their red, and coming together for their students, in what was deemed Red for Ed Day.

Teachers feel like the needed changes to the Indiana education system are overdue. It wasn’t just teachers who attended the event; students and aspiring teachers also made their appearance.

“I want to become an elementary school teacher, and both of my parents and all of my grandparents have been educators, so the subject of education is extremely important to me,” Paige Maudlin, LPHS student and future teacher, said. “I think that all children deserve the best education that they can receive, and I do not believe Indiana is providing that for them.”

The main issues that teachers rallied for are funding for teachers and social workers in schools, the use of public money being used on private schools, and ILEARN test scores affecting teacher wages/student progress, and standardized testing being stressful for students who are unable to handle stress well.

The teachers believe that the Indiana legislators are trying to demonize education for the future and current Indiana students, and the Indiana teachers have enough of it. They are fed up with the lies, and the legislators not listening when they proudly state that public education IS worth it.

Many current and former La Porte teachers who did not make the trek to Indianapolis rallied at home at the Courthouse to show the local community that public education needs more from legislators.

While LPCSC students had the day off, teachers proudly marched the width of the Statehouse with pride, love, and empowerment.

I came back and shared with my class what I did while I was gone and showed them some of the pictures on my phone of all of the teachers that were there fighting for their future. Most of them thanked me and I even got a couple of hugs,” Kim Dabbert, Riley Elementary School teacher said. “That right there is why I went. For me, it has nothing to do with my paycheck. It has everything to do with making sure my kids can have everything they deserve and more.”

Despite most educators feeling empowered from the Red for Ed march, there were still teachers left not feeling quite as happy about the turnout.

“I do not feel terribly empowered because our two legislators, whom we have talked to, will not listen. We need to vote these people out,” Jenn Mount. LPHS math teacher, said.

Educators are ready to continue to give their students everything possible to make sure their futures are brighter than theirs were. The march at the Statehouse, however, was a step in the right direction for Indiana public schools.

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