Slicers leading man: Mr. Coe


La Porte High School Choir teacher Mr. Coe went from lead teacher to lead actor as he recently played Seymour in a popular play titled Little Shop of Horrors at the La Porte Little Theatre.

Coe is a natural performer, but having the lead role was a new experience for him.

I’ve loved this show since I was in high school and getting to play such a major role. I’ve done other lead roles but never THIS big,” Coe said. “I had a LOT of lines and lyrics to learn. It was extremely challenging but also very fun!”

Coe’s energetic and compassionate demeanor made him a favorite amongst his fellow actors.

“He is magnetic. When you are around him you just want to spend more time with him. He’s incredibly talented but also super critical of himself. He always just wants to do really well all the time,” Mrs. Welsh, English teacher and fellow actress in Little Shop of Horrors, said.

Coe has had a love for acting since elementary schools. He became the most involved when he started acting in high school.

He also was active in Drama Club, and that eventually transformed to him being the President of the club. 

Since acting and singing was a major part of his upbringing, it helped sway Coe into the career path of teaching choir.

Coe, being the only LPHS Choir teacher, has limited time, but he is happy to at least do a play once a year.


Outside of the choir room, Coe instructs a Zumba class at LPHS.

“I took a class at a resort in Utah, and it was really fun! I stayed for the second class. The instructor told me that I would make a good instructor, and I thought it would be a fun way to stay motivated to do more physical activity,” Coe said. “I went to Ohio to get licensed and started teaching that summer. I love it! It’s the best form of exercise I’ve ever done.”

Whether singing, dancing, or acting, Coe is undoubtedly a star.

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