Baugh, LPHS students play Santa Claus


Tori Kegebein, Staff Writer


Writing Santa Claus a letter has become a tradition for children worldwide, but how many can say that they’ve received a letter back? Thanks to Miss Baugh, English teacher at LPHS, La Porte elementary school students’ dreams are coming true.

Five years ago when Baugh began teaching, she also started her own tradition for her students. Every year, children from Crichfield, Riley, and Indian Trail send “Santa Claus” letters that first pass through LPHS.

Once Baugh receives those letters, she asks her students to write back. Students taking Contemporary Literature, Advanced Composition, Advanced Speech, and Freshman English get to become Jolly old Saint Nicholas.

“Writing the letters for children was inspiring because it gave me the opportunity to make the kids feel like Santa was really listening,” LPHS junior Madison Aguirre said.

Not only does this allow for children to make memories, but it also creates exciting stories for the Slicers, students, and Baugh.

“One kindergartener asked Santa Claus for 700 cats! That was a hilarious request! People have their whole lives to be grown up and have responsibilities, so it’s important to embrace the childhood innocence of belief in Santa and Christmas magic. It’s the one time of year where it seems like anything can happen,” Baugh said.

Baugh’s motivation to continue this tradition every year is to help her students get in touch with their inner child. She also looks forward to reading the adorable requests inside the letters.

Every year, the elementary school students look forward to receiving their own letter from Santa Claus.

“Students can’t wait to share their family traditions, their excitement about Christmas, and their wish lists when we sit down to get started on writing our letters! Their eyes twinkle and everyone participates in brainstorming and sharing. The best part is when they receive their responses,” first grade teacher at Riley Mrs. Shelton said.

Whether it’s receiving the letters or writing them, students are excited every year to be apart of the letters from Santa Claus.