Slicer Emma Henderson takes graduating early a step further


LPHS is filled with brilliant students who excel in many ways, some of which find it easy to surpass the expectations given to them. Junior Emma Henderson happens to be one. She has made the courageous decision to graduate an entire year early.

While attending LPHS, Henderson realized her maturity level was above the grade she was in. Because of this, she decided during her sophomore year to graduate with the Class of 2020 instead of 2021.

Although it was a hard decision to make, Henderson had many emotional motives behind her choice.

“My biggest motivations were my mom and my dad because I wanted to make them proud of me. My dad is a lawyer, so he went to school for almost 12 years and worked very hard to be where he is. My mom is a nurse, and she works very hard, so that made me want to work 10 times harder,” Henderson said.

In order to meet Indiana’s graduation requirements, Henderson is taking not only AP Language for juniors but also Expository Writing and Economics for seniors. Over the summer, she took Government in the Virtual Learning Academy and Government during the beginning of the semester.

Since Henderson’s junior year has started, she applied to three colleges and has been accepted into two so far: University of Valparaiso and IUPUI. Valparaiso even offered her their prestigious honors scholarship which amounts to 92,000 dollars in worth.

Many students enter college still deciding what they want to pursue, but Henderson already has that figured out; she has big plans for her future. 

“My future plans are to attend IUPUI for either Pre Med or Nursing. I haven’t decided but I’d like to become an OBGYN or a labor and delivery nurse,” Henderson said.

While attending LPHS, Henderson has made countless memories. One of them being taking Mrs. McGuire’s English class AP Seminar with her best friends.

“I’ve learned so much. I like all of the AP and honors courses because you can get a head start into college before you have even entered college,” Henderson said. 

Outside of school, Henderson devotes a majority of her time babysitting children. When she’s free, she is often watching Netflix or spending time with her dog Beau.

With almost 90 days left in the school year, Henderson is getting ready to begin a new chapter of her life.

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