LPHS overview: Sewing class

October 20, 2015


  Here at LPHS we offer a class called fashion and textiles. This class is taught by Mrs. Prichard. In the introduction class, one will go over basic sewing, as well as equipment, and how to safely use it.

  Some of the projects that they do include pin cushions which they are currently in the process of making. The class will be making Slicer pillows, boxers, and they will also be creating their own individual projects towards the end of the trimester. In addition, during the week of Homecoming the class plans on making some tie-dye t-shirts.

  “In the first class, we go over laundry and clothing care. In the second trimester we get into designers and the history of fashion,” Prichard said.

  In the second trimester of the class students are able to make their own aprons and their own idea projects.

  While taking this class, keep in mind one will have to pay money for some of the project components; however it’s worth the cost, because of the items that students get in return and the skills that they will gain in the process of creating the projects.

  “I think this class is good application class, you learn measuring, along with physical skills and fine motor skills such as reading and writing. It’s definitely a hands on class, students are always up doing things,” Prichard said.

  This class provides students with a large amount of skill that could definitely help in the long run. Many of the skills that learned in this class will roll over to everyday life and will prepare students for the real world.


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