Lincoln’s book fairies


Since the beginning of school, Lincoln Elementary School has been visited by Book Fairies every month.

Around August, teachers from Lincoln Elementary School started social media campaigns for donations to provide each student in their class with a new reading book every month. Due to the generosity of the community, people donated $1 a month per child. Once there were enough donations, the books were purchased and given to the children. 

Lincoln isn’t the only school to have done these book donations, many other elementary schools in the district have benefited from this opportunity. Teachers at Lincoln saw posts from other teachers in the corporation and jumped at the chance to bring this program to their students. The first person to start this at Lincoln was Barb Otolski, second grade teacher, and after seeing how excited the students in her class got with the books, the first grade teachers at Lincoln also decided to see if they could get sponsors for their class as well.

“I wanted to give my students the opportunity to have their own copies to take home of the books we read in class. I love seeing the joy on their faces when they get their copies,” Barb Otolski, second grade teacher at Lincoln, said.

Each month, the teachers shop from Scholastic Book Club’s flyers or website, and attempt to find a good deal on a book they hope their students will love.

The children get so excited when they see the red and white Scholastic Box every month, and can’t wait to see their new books.

“My kids get so excited when they get their new books. Their faces light up everytime I bring the box into the classroom. We write a letter every time to our Book Fairies to thank them for their generosity,” Tricia Zila, first grade teacher at Lincoln, said.

The Book Fairies have loved knowing they have played a small part in bringing joy to the students they sponsored.

“I love receiving my letter each month from the students. Even more though, I love seeing the pictures posted on social media of the students with their books. The joy on their faces makes every penny worth it,” one donor said.

Lincoln teachers are hoping that these donated books will inspire a love for reading for their students. As of the first five months, it seems to be working. Leave it to the Book Fairies to add extra excitement to books.

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