Ruff and students give back


Ruff gives back to children of La Porte

Jeremy Ruff, a beloved teacher of LPHS, is leaving his impact on the community along with every student in his Intro to Design class. 

In many classes, students create work that is just seen by the teacher, but that is as far as it goes. The beauty of Ruff’s Intro to Design class is that the students are tasked with projects that give back to fellow students, teachers, and community members. 

Last school year the class made Yardzee for the elementary schools in La Porte. The games were delivered to each school, and now are used for recess fun.

“The reactions are nice but just knowing the kids are doing something to give away is the best part,” Ruff said. 

While wanting to continue the tradition, Ruff’s class is now creating a new game for the elementaries called Malokky. Malokky originated from the Scandanavian countries. The objective is to knock over pins and gain the most points. 

For the past four years that Ruff has been a Slicer teacher, he and his students have been busy creating work that can be used by others. The best part is that the students came up with the idea of making games and giving them away. It started with Cornhole and Yardzee, but they are expanding their creations–all in the name of others.

Outside of assigned projects, students are often fixing something broken for teachers or even helping students with other projects they’re working on. 

Even with all the giving, Ruff’s students are learning important real world skills.

Students  have the opportunity to work and use the different machines in the shop. Previously, students have made large scale furniture, custom shelving, and parts to a skate park. 


Either inside or outside the classroom, Ruff is always trying to give back to someone and is influencing his own classes to join along in the process.

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