Cooper Nurses Slicers Back To Health


Accidents, sicknesses, and other health related incidents are to be expected in a school full of just about 2000 students attending La Porte High School. Taking on that many health-related cases would be daunting for anyone in the medical profession, but that didn’t stop Nurse Rachel Cooper from taking care of countless students.

Cooper has seen and experienced many instances and stories from students over the years, making for an interesting career. It’s not the stories that keep her coming back; it is the people.

“I like helping kids,” Cooper said. “The students are the best part.”

This kind of attitude is what keeps any person like Cooper going through the sometimes hectic days she experiences. On any given day, Cooper deals with migraines, multiple injuries, and sometimes seizures of seizure while in the middle of class. Sometimes this all happens in the span of less than an hour.

This of course isn’t the craziest story Cooper has.

“When I first started working here, I had a girl who needed to go home because she broke her nails,” Cooper recollected.

Cooper’s schedule by itself is busy. When she first gets to school she has multiple students asking for the key to the elevator and several others needing to take medication. She spends the rest of the day fixing cuts, doing paperwork, and turning in various tests on students that deal with hearing, seeing, and other functions.

Through it all though, Cooper keeps a bright face, and her only regret is that she can’t meet every students needs sometimes. 

In order to help and manage the students at LPHS, Cooper had to have extensive training before working here. Going to Ivy Tech and earning her bachelor’s at Western Governor University, Cooper is prepared for anything. Originally she worked at both a hospital and the school, but for the last six years has been working just at the high school.

 Keeping with her love of students, Cooper also hires students to be her assistants and give some extra hands around the office. Her company is enjoyed by both her assistants and students around the school

“I think Nurse Cooper is helpful,” Jordan Hull, junior, said. “She is overall very understanding of the students.”

 When she isn’t taking care of 2,000 Slicers, Cooper likes to go skiing and doing various other activities. She also likes boat rides and spending time with family.

Through it all, Cooper accepts her job with humility and a deep caring for others.

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