LPCSC dynamic duo: the Upps


Scott and Pam Upp are two of LPCSC’s administrators and are improving learning to ensure LPHS Slicers and Handley Trojans excel in every way possible. 

During the duo’s freshmen year of high school, they met each other in a science class after being partnered up. Science partnerships led to Mrs. Upp attending baseball games, which led to love. After some time, the two eventually started going out and have been in love ever since.

Mr. Upp began working as a social studies teacher at Merrillville Andrean for the 91-92 school year. After that, he furthered his work at Kesling Middle School for two years. LPHS luckily gained him in 1994, and Mr. Upp has been working here since then.

Mrs. Upp began working as an administrator more recently. She has been working as Handley Elementary School’s principal since 2011. 

My favorite part of being an administrator is getting to share my passion with other educators.” Mrs. Upp said, “My goal is to inspire and motivate students and staff to love learning and working together to support students and families.”

Being a school leader is demanding and stressful; every administrator has their own special reason for wanting to become apart of it. The Upps are no different.

“I personally have always enjoyed the challenges of leadership. The ones that come along in education are very diverse,” Mr. Upp said, “One day you may deal with student issues, the next day you may deal with scheduling issues, the day after that you may deal with facility issues, and most days you deal with all three of these and about 3 or 4 more.”

Mr. and Mrs. Upp both have similar goals for LPCSC. Mrs. Upp finds playing a role in developing her students into productive adults to be most important. Mr. Upp hopes to make the same positive impact on LPCSC that it has on him.

Not only are the two bonded by their love for education, but they also share an interest in baseball.

Mrs. Upp has been playing softball since she was nine years old and played again this past summer. Mr. Upp played on her dad’s baseball team which also helped them become so close. This passion does not stop there; their sons Kevin, Kyle, and Travis also played baseball at Valparaiso University, Purdue, and Purdue Fort Wayne.

“Baseball has allowed our family to go places we probably never would have gone, and the fact that we did all of these things together helped us grow as a family,” Mr. Upp said. “Baseball also helped us all learn about life–the ups and downs, adversity, how to handle success and failure, how to try to keep things (life) in perspective, how to deal with different personalities, and more.”

Whether it is bonding over baseball or education, Mr. and Mrs. Upp are partners for life.

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