Pritchard’s creativity takes classes to the next level


LPHS’ Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Mrs. Pritchard is one of the most creative and dedicated teachers in LPCSC, and her students’ recent success on a project has made her even more known and recognized.

Pritchard attended Holy Cross College and Ball State University right out of college, but then she decided she would head back to school and pursue her masters from Indiana Wesleyan University.

From the time she was a little girl, she was taught how to cook, clean, sew, and take care of children. Growing up this way taught her patience and made her realize how much she wanted to teach. She wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted to teach, but she decided on Family and Consumer Sciences. 

One of her favorite parts of the broad subject is fashion. She loves seeing how proud students are of their work when it’s completely finished. 

Most fashion students come in shy and lacking confidence because they are worried about using the sewing machine. When I teach them to take their time, have confidence, and take pride in their work, it makes me really happy,” Pritchard said.

After establishing the confidence of the students over the course of the semester, Pritchard decided to stray away from a pencil and paper exam. She decided to have her classes make Ugly Dolls for the LPHS preschool kids. The preschoolers drew what they wanted their doll to look like.

In doing so, the fashion students demonstrated the skills they had learned during the semester: blanket stitching, running stitch, ladder stitch, zig zag stitching, sewing a button.

The project ended up being a total success. An anonymous person ended up reaching out to WSBT news to tell them about the project. A few days later, Pritchard received the call that they were interested in coming to LPHS to showcase their Ugly Dolls.

“I am happy that my students received recognition for their accomplishments in Fashion class. I am also happy that we were able to share something positive happening at LPHS with the community,” Pritchard said.

True learning moves from head to the heart, and Pritchard’s classes do just that.

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