Sculpting smiles


New additions will soon be added to local businesses around La Porte. For the past 10 years, Marybeth Lebo, LPHS art teacher, has been working with her students to make sculptures that are added to local businesses around La Porte. 

“We do not sell these projects. They are done with the purpose of giving back to the community. Our purpose is to fuse LPHS artwork with business in the surrounding communities,” Lebo stated. 

Students are required to meet with the manager of their selected business and brainstorm some ideas that may be a good fit. After receiving approval, students then come back to class, work begins. Several sculptures are printed out on paper and projected on a wall. Students then trace the object and start constructing the shape. Many precise measurements are taken and precision is used to cut out the selected object. The projects are made out of a variety of cardboard, wire, plaster craft, and finished with paint. 

The size of the structure can vary, depending on what the manager wants and how much space they have to offer. A single sculpture usually takes up to five or six weeks to completely finish. After students are done, sculptures are delivered and set up to the managers liking. 

This project is filled with diversity. Every sculpture is constructed completely unlike any others that have been made before. 

Not only do the businesses get rewarded, but so do the students. Students have an opportunity to earn a job, internships, and exposure around the city. This project is a great learning activity and also teaches students how to get involved in a unique and fun way and make a project that makes learning meaningful. 

People may find these sculptures at the La Porte Animal Shelter, Mucho Mas, Hailmann Elementary School, Static Age Records, Go Ariel Fitness, Ben’s Soft Pretzels, and Fast Eddies.

To take Sculpture Class, students must have previously attended the 3-D Art, have good time management, the ability to problem solve, and self-motivation. 

Lebo and her students are perfect examples of a Slicer, always looking for a chance to give back and help others, not only in the class but outside of it as well.

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