LPHS bowling hitting strikes, advances to regionals


The LPHS boys’ bowling team has advanced to Regionals for the first time since 2013, and sophomore Kennedy Phelps is moving on for the girls. 


The win meant a lot for the team, who consider each other brothers and family. Most groups who play sports together form strong bonds and grow, but it seems with the bowling team they are closer than most.


“It feel it is a great accomplishment for our team,” Payton Lower, sophomore member of the boys team, said. “They are my brothers.”


This has only strengthened the bond of the players, and as they make their way to Regionals, they are the closest they’ve been as a team. They’ll be up against steep competition, and have yet to get a first place in any competition they’ve been in, but that doesn’t stop their unshakable determination and bright spirits.


The girls also had a strong season, but just couldn’t make it out of a tough Sectional. Phelps, a lifelong bowler, will be the only Slicer moving on.


“Honestly, it feels really good,” Phelps, sophomore, said. “I think I’ll do pretty good because I put a lot of time and effort into it.”


Even members of the girls team who didn’t make it to Regionals are in full support of the boys’ team.


“For the boys we were really proud of them, because when it comes to the boys and girls, we feel like we’re one big family,” Ivyanna Curbelo, sophomore, member of girls bowling team said. “So honestly we’re really happy when they won, and even though the girls didn’t make it, we still were really proud of the boys and we thought that they give it their all.”


The boys are led by several people including Coach Kraus and Coach Fischer, who are experienced bowlers themselves. It seems the team is in good hands.


Regionals will be held in Merrillville on January 18th. Good luck, Slicers.

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