Hauck adds robotics to LPHS


Morgan Hauck, a new teacher this school year, is making a positive impact on the community and in the halls. 

She is the first robotics coach at LPHS and is an engineering teacher for the Slicers.

“Surprisingly there weren’t a lot of places hiring for an engineering teacher, so my choices were pretty limited, but after interviewing here, I was immediately welcomed by all the staff and faculty. It felt like it would be a great fit for me as my first teaching position and so far it’s really paid off and I’m grateful for the place I have here at LPHS,” Hauck happily stated.

Hauck attended Purdue West Lafayette for about five years. Hauck started her first year of teaching at LPHS, but she has already formed strong bonds with many of her students. 

I try to be as available as possible for them, and try to connect with them more than just providing them an education. My students respond really well when I ask them how they are doing and about their various interests from time to time. It lets them know that I care about them more than just when they are in my classroom,” Hauck explained. 

Hauck didn’t have anyone specifically who influenced her to start teaching. She was completely driven by the idea of being able to directly help people and have an impact on what the students’ futures may hold. While pursuing her career, Hauck was able to include her hobbies as well, such as helping others, reading, robotics, and even focusing on writing her own book. 

Hauck’s mom was a big part of her support. Even though teachers don’t make the most money, her mother kept pushing her towards what she believed in. Engineering and technology education wasn’t Hauck’s first option, but her mom was there the whole way and supported any decision she had. 

In Hauck’s later years of high school, she opened up to a whole new world of robotics while volunteering at college. Now, she coaches her own robotics team. 

The LPHS robotics team is brand new, so there hasn’t been much time for competing, but there is always more learning to be done. The past November, the team went to the Boiler Bot Battle where they placed 26/32 teams. Hauck was very impressed since LPHS is only a pre-rookie team. They are now working on getting funding for the 2021 season. 

Hauck has brought many students the joy of learning new skills, and she is learning more things from students every day she comes to work.

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