Slicer Newsroom to hold trivia game


The La Porte High School Slicer Newsroom writers will be starting their monthly trivia games on January 31st.

The idea all started when LPHS librarian, Mr. Fettinger found old buzzers that were used decades ago, in a box in the library. He gave them to Ms. Parker, hoping she would come up with a good use for the buzzers. 

She decided to have the LPHS Newspaper play a trivia game, “How well does the LPHS Newspaper know Mr. Tonagel?” That game ended up being extremely successful and popular on the La Porte High School’s Facebook page. 

“I think it went well and that we all had a good time, but not only that but Tonagel had a great time as well,” Aidan Ross, staff writer said.

Since the video was such a hit to the viewers, the LPHS Newspaper and Parker came up with the idea to continue the trivia games, but instead of randomly, they are going to be created the last Friday of every month. 

The writers have been brainstorming possible topic ideas for the monthly games, and they came up with their first one being “Old Slang vs New Slang” themed. The host will ask unknown questions, and the Newspaper team and teacher guests will answer them to the best of their abilities–by buzzing in, of course. 

The staff is excited to take every last Friday off, to play a game to stretch their knowledge, and to take a little break from writing to have fun. 

To spice things up, there will always be guests present during the games. A teacher, another student, or even an administrator might be found showing off their knowledge against the LPHS writers; however, the guests will not be given the category beforehand, so the game will be more interesting. The game will be centered in a way that everyone will fend for themselves and answer on their own, even though they will be seated in teams. Guests will be sitting on one side, with the writers on the other. This event is one that has been well-planned out, and hopefully it will become a Slicer Newsroom tradition.

The Newspaper students are overjoyed and ready to compete with each other and whoever is willing to spend time facing off in a special LPHS trivia game.

Parker is ready to see her students’ and co-workers’ talents on display.

“I am proud of my students for finding new ways to have fun with each other and with the staff. The first video was so much fun, and we have a fun day planned on Friday to test everyone,” Parker said.

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