Fleming heartens others with volunteer work


Spending a few hours making differences can help change lives for the better. LPHS junior Nellijah Fleming spends almost every Saturday devoting her time to volunteering at the food pantry in Michigan City.

Fleming’s Saturdays start off early at six am to get to the food pantry on time. She begins her work by organizing records of past visitors, getting new sign up sheets out, opening the pantry and sorting through boxes of food, and more.

The food pantry has food specific for all dietary needs whether it is vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free, non-dairy, or even sugar free. Fleming prepares all of these food categories.

“After that, I run coffee to the rest of the volunteers to keep a rosy blush on their cheeks and energy in their work,” Fleming said.

Before the volunteers begin dishing out any food, Fleming spends time carefully cleaning every room and surface of the pantry.

The food pantry also provides hygienic supplies which vary day-to-day. Most times, bar and gel soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, face wash, skin moisturizer, and women’s health items are provided.

Fleming’s kind personality allows for her to fit in easily. She prides herself in controlling the flow of things with grace and ease even when the food pantry is flooded with business.

“Striking up conversations with our visitors is very important to us! My favorite part about the volunteer service is the lovely people we help out; their charming and humble personalities contribute this irreplaceable light in the hearts of all of us at the pantry,” Fleming said.

Each Saturday spent at the food pantry is a new, exciting opportunity for Fleming to make memories and change lives.

“Personally, I love spending my Saturdays giving back to the community, and I relish in the fact that my helping hands warm their hearts and add a little more love to their homes,” Fleming said.

Her motives for volunteering originated when her grandparents sought interest in the pantry and needed hands for labor.

Apart from Fleming’s volunteer work, she spends a lot of her time with friends, pursuing creative outlets, and working to help support her family.

She specifically enjoys writing. Whether it’s books, poems, songs, or short stories, Fleming exceeds in all styles. She also devotes much of her time to helping out around the house and making sure her siblings are in happy moods.

Charitable qualities such as the ones Fleming exudes are inspirational to all who get the opportunity to meet her. LPHS is happy and proud to have exceptional Slicers such as Fleming.

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