Born with a pencil in hand: Alayna Jackomis


LPHS is full of students who express themselves through many different creative mediums. Sophomore Alayna Jackomis is one of these artistic prodigies.

Since she was a young child, Jackomis has had a natural talent for drawing. Despite her constant practice, she began making progress on new techniques two years ago.

Jackomis’ accomplishments as an artist are impressive to say the least. Every year, she enters the Tri Kappa Art Show that LPHS hosts. In sixth and seventh grade, she won first place as well as “Best of Show” in the 2018-2019 school year. 

During last year’s show, Jackomis worked hard and took several awards for her various portraits. She left many viewers in awe with the level of realism that she achieved.

She also entered the Chesterton Chalk Art Competition with former Slicer Mia Swanson and won second place with a sea turtle mural on the street. Jackomis has also drawn for musicians such as Kenny Loggins, Doug Gray of the Marshall Tucker Band, Dave Davies of the Kinks, and Artimus Pyle of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Realistic drawings with graphite pencils are Jackomis’ favorite form of art. She usually chooses portraits which include bold elements; however, her process is not what many may expect.

“Many people believe that the artistic process is as simple as creating a sketch in your sketchbook and always having the motivation to complete pieces and start a new one,” Jackomis said. “People also believe that your artwork could look flawless no matter what mood you’re in, including when you’re unmotivated; however, this is not the process for me.”

It isn’t easy for Jackomis to get inspired to start a new piece or finish an old one, but when she gets an idea, she starts as soon as she can in hopes of not losing it. Whenever she loses motivation, Jackomis tries to think about the pride and improvement she feels when she completes a project.  

“In turn, this keeps my mentality focused and helps my motivation return. Also, the process is driven by patience. The key to all of my work is to always take my time and add every little detail, no matter the amount of time it takes,” Jackomis said.

During her freshman year at LPHS, she took both 2D and 3D Art Introduction classes. She has also furthered her artistic experience at LPHS by taking Painting and Advanced 2D Art this year. 

“These classes have influenced me as an artist because they have shown me my boundaries and the differences in my artworks with different levels of motivation,” Jackomis said.

Not only has she been motivated by these classes, but she has also left promising impacts on her teachers.

“It’s great having a student like Alayna in class who has the skill level, focus, and intensity to get in there and flush out their ideas. You can see her creativity come to fruition,” art teacher Mr. Turner said.

She is motivated by her father and many others to continue pursuing art. Her father, being an artist himself, helped Jackomis feel inspired to create and make him proud.

She also thanks her middle school art teacher, Mrs. Oliver, for teaching her the techniques that she still uses. 

“She taught me the foundation of how to draw facial features, which has shown me that drawing realistic portraits are what I love to do the most,” Jackomis said, “Not only did she teach me how to draw realistically– she has taught me the right attitude to have when in the process of creating a piece.”

Swanson is also a big motivation for Jackomis. The duo grew up drawing together and pushing one another to advance their techniques. This support and competitiveness allowed for Jackomis to not only gain experience but a lifelong friend. 

Aside from art, Jackomis also excels in many other ways. Maintaining a 4.0 GPA, holding various varsity positions in track, and winning academic awards are just a few examples of her determination.

She also enjoys playing volleyball with friends, making jewelry, doing makeup, photography, and attending concerts with her family.

LPHS is excited to watch as Jackomis paints her next move.

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