Scanlin Spotlight


Scan is the man

Ever since Jennifer Scanlin started teaching at LPHS, she’s made a big impact on students, bringing laughs and engaging assignments. 

Since the beginning of her career, she has been giving students a class that has both challenged and entertained them. Students and staff are fascinated by her character.

“I feel like she’s very nice and caring about the people around her and is always joking about lighthearted,” Olivia Elpers, junior student, said.

Ever since the second grade, Scanlin knew she wanted to be a teacher. Born in Evergreen Park, and growing up in a small suburb outside of Chicago, in a small town called Worth, she was always drawn to her quiet village, thinking of it as a very safe place. 

She went to Alan B. Shepard High School, where she swam for the Astros in the next town over called Palos Heights. She even coached while she was in high school up to college. 

She obtained her Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education, and she then decided to strengthen her education and return to college. She then received her Masters in Secondary Education with a concentration in English. After finishing up college, Scanlin then took on a job at La Porte High School. 

Scanlin currently teaches AP Language and Composition. Her class incorporates discussion to challenge the students, making them form opinions on literature. The main thing Scanlin wanted to accomplish with her class is to prepare those taking it for college, and discussion is a big part of that curriculum.

“The buzzwords lately are College and Career Ready. Make them prepared for the outside world,” Scanlin said. “I think discussion is one of the best ways to do that.”

Her students agree with her, too. Many feel they benefit from Scanlin’s more interactive approach to learning and debating. 

“She’s really good when it comes to discussion,” Grace Holt, junior student, said. “We’ll say our point of view, and she’ll give the alternative, or she’ll relate to it, and make you understand it more.”

It’s not all work in her class however, as she tries to build a strong bond with the students. One way she does this is with the five minutes of fame. Every week a student is picked to show the class various videos throughout the week. While this could lead to the class getting off topic, Scanlin keeps everything one track.

With the AP test coming around the corner, Scanlin’s students are more than ready to write multiple essays involved. At the moment her students are writing an essay defining a word and what it means to them. They have been preparing by looking over various examples.

With a strong sense of humor and an engaging classroom, Scanlin has cemeted herself as one of the best English teachers in the building, and continues to inspire and build up students.


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