LPHS welcomes Barton


Over 20 new teachers joined the staff at LaPorte High School this year, and luckily Abigail Barton, a Valparaiso native, is one of them.

Barton is a first year teacher and teaches Advanced Composition, Freshmen English, and Freshmen Honors English.

Barton’s passion for education was due to her love for school, so she picked a job that could let her go to it everyday. 

While Barton was looking for teaching jobs, she came across an English opening at LaPorte High School. All it took was one interview for Barton to realize she loved the school and wanted to be a part of the LaPorte Slicer family. 

“LaPorte has given me a fulfilling career and a home that I love,” Barton said. 

Barton could’ve taught any subject, but what caught her eye was English. Jane Austen is the culprit for Barton’s passion. Austen was Barton’s favorite author when she was a kid, and ever since she knew that’s the field she wanted to go into.

“Her books lit the fire of my love to read. I couldn’t go back,” Barton said.

Barton’s favorite part about working at LaPorte is the people. 

“The teachers and students are the best around, and seeing everyone’s faces makes the day better,” Barton said.

Even though this is Barton’s first year at LPHS, she’s already inspiring students.

“I love Ms. Barton because she is extremely enthusiastic and sweet. She has the absolute best personality and helps me when I need her,” Kaitlyn Ott, junior at LPHS, said.

Before teaching at LaPorte High School, Barton started working as an elementary summer school teacher when she was in college at Purdue University. She then was a student teacher at Lafayette Jefferson High School.

“That experience was my first time teaching in the classroom full-time, and it was exhausting,” Barton said.

Outside of work, Barton enjoys camping, painting watercolor, and kayaking.

LPHS is fortunate to have such devoted teachers like Abigail Barton. 

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