LPHS Pep Band encourages LPHS basketball teams


Once again, the La Porte High School Pep Band has brought the energy and music for the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams for the 2019-2020 seasons.

Every year, the Pep Band is known for bringing the Slicer teams together with upbeat songs and rowdy cheers. In tradition, the band is taught cheers by one person of the band who is confident and knows cheers well.

For the 2019-2020 Pep Band season, senior Drew Lipscomb was chosen to lead the band in cheering the teams on.

“I’ve always believed in school spirit, and I think if people see how excited I get about it, it will rub off on others,” Lipscomb said. “The best thing we can do for our players is come out to their games and cheer them on.”

In addition to the cheering, the band plays their well-known tunes during each timeout, before the game, and halftime. 

In previous years, the band was located in the upper bleachers of the main gym, but this year they made the transition downstairs. They now play on the left side of the student section, and it is clear that the musicians, basketball players, and crowd enjoy the new location.

“It’s way better downstairs. It makes the game more enjoyable because you feel like you’re right there with them,” Cameron Tucker, junior musician, said.

Over the years, the LPHS Pep Band has collectively purchased and played music. There is a great variety of songs. From punk, to pop, to oldies, the Pep Band brings it all.

The band plays the same amount of games for both boys’ and girls’ teams, and their season ends right when the six boys’ and six girls’ games are finished.

The many LPHS Pep Band seniors will be participating in their final game on February 14th, and they will be celebrating the end of their Pep Band chapter during their Senior Night in between the junior varsity and varsity games.

It is bittersweet for many students, but the members of the Pep Band will always remember the special individuals. 

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