Advanced 2-D Art helps students blossom as artists


LPHS is known for the wide range of classes it offers. Whether a student is interested in Music Theory or Sports History, there is a class here for them. Art students are especially surrounded by different classes that help develop many techniques. Advanced 2-D Art is just one of these many creative and imaginative courses.

Advanced 2-D Art made its first appearance at LPHS three years ago. The class aims to help students strengthen their artistic skills by devising a theme and incorporating it into all of their projects.

Students can enjoy the freedom that comes with this class since only a few of the projects are guided. Getting to choose the materials they use, what they want to make, and how they plan on making it helps students get a feel for what taking an art course in college may be like.

Mr. Turner, art teacher at LPHS, enjoys getting to see all of his students blossom as their individuality shows through their art.

“Watching students get inspired and problem solve in an artistic fashion has to be my favorite part of teaching Advanced 2-D. They are encouraged to try new things but also play to their strengths,” Turner said.

In the past, students taking this course have gained experience with acrylic and watercolor paint, charcoal and graphite drawings, oil and chalk pastels, and many more. 

This year, students were required to create one self-portrait and one still life project.

“The self-portrait project made me realize where I struggle. I capitalized on improving my downfalls, and now I rest atop my agonies to build myself greater as an artist,” junior Nathan Surowiec said.

LPHS also offers many other courses for students interested in art such as Painting, Drawing, Jewelry, Ceramics, Sculpture, Visual Communications, AP 3-D Art, and many more.

“Art is synonymous with culture in general. Different art classes allow for students with various skill sets to have the opportunity to gravitate towards what they are naturally interested in. A class like Advanced 2-D offers students the freedom to explore the human experience in ways no other class can,” Turner said.

Students planning on taking this class are expected to be involved and be ready to take their concept and turn it into a product.

Since this course is a by-application class, students are required to sign up for it before the deadline next year. A recommendation from one of the art teachers–Lebo, Mendez, or Turner–increases students’ chances of being accepted. Taking the Intro to 2-D Art class is mandatory in order to be accepted into Advanced 2-D Art.

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