Slicer Mentor Club lending a hand to incoming freshmen


LPHS has many successful clubs, and the newly started Slicer Mentor Club will be living up to those expectations. Junior sisters Jill and Paige Maudlin wanted to make the club for incoming freshmen or new students who might be struggling with scheduling, adjusting to the new school, or needing advice from older students.

The Maudlins want to lend a guiding hand to kids who are seeking a mentor or simply students who haven’t had a positive role model in their life. There are 30 members from grades 10-12. They are sponsored by teacher Ms. Parker and counselor Mrs. Brant.

In the beginning of starting the new club, the first step is helping the incoming freshmen with the scheduling process. While being a guide to the younger students, they want to help students understand the multitude of options available and to give them a high school student’s perspective. 

When Freshman Orientation night occurs, all of the high school members will get a group of incoming freshmen to help guide and form a support system that will hopefully last beyond freshmen year.

The club is more service-based, meaning the most action of the club occurs during actual events. There will be meetings before school in room J.12 from 7:20-7:30 a.m. whenever an important event is nearing so that the members are organized and aware of what to expect during the future event.

The first event that the Slicer Mentor Club students will be a part of is the Middle School Parent Night on February 18th. They will be there to answer any questions that students or parents might have. After that night, the students will be headed out to the La Porte Middle School to help the 8th graders schedule their freshmen classes.

“If we accomplish nothing else, I want to help just one person’s transition, just make one person feel supported in their journey to high school,” Paige Maudlin said. “That would be the absolute biggest reward I could ask for.”

If anyone is interested in joining the club, it is not too late. Contact Paige Maudlin at [email protected] or Jill Maudlin at [email protected]

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