Wonder of Woz


Dominating as both an English and previously a speech teacher, James Wszolek has made a name for himself at La Porte High School. 

Having worked as a teacher for over 20 years, Wszolek has extensive experience in the learning field and works to unlock students potential both as learners and as people. He is currently the English Department Co-Chair and teaches AP English and AP Seminar classes. 

He approaches his job with patience and understanding. Understanding that it’s just as important for students to learn by themselves as it is for him to do a good job teaching them.

“I want them to become independent learners,” Wszolek said. “I think that people are afraid to do that because being an independent learner means you have to embrace failure.”

While he no longer teaches at speech, his impact had a lifelong impact on his students, and gave them an experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Wszolek creates an environment where one can interact with people and eventually form a family with.

“I enjoyed Woz,” Isaiah Wilson, college student, former Slicer said. “He was wise, and I believe that his method of teaching was to guide you but not necessarily give you the right answer.”

As someone who was nervous of public speaking himself, Wszolek saw the class as not only an opportunity for him to come out of his shell, but for others to do the same.

“It was the idea that it created an situation that required me to speak,” Wszolek said, “I ended up meeting people that were kind of like me.”

Born in Gary, Indiana, Wszolek went to high school at William A. Wirt High School. He then got his graduate degree at Wabash.  He majored in Psychology and minored in literature. He then got his masters degree at school. Ever since 7th grade, however, he wanted to be a teacher, and ended up teaching at LPHS because they offered him a job.

Outside of school Wszolek has many interesting projects he works on. He likes taking care of his kitties, even though he feels they are plotting against him. He was working on a garden over the summer where he grew many vegetables.  Another thing he likes to do is watch football.

Whether he’s at home or in the classroom, Wszolek always has a strong approach to work and relaxation, making him not only a great teacher, but also a good friend.


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