Mitchell wrestles to success


Junior Angillo Mitchell has been an important member of the LPHS wrestling community for the last three years.

Mitchell first started wrestling in 6th grade at Boston Middle School, and ever since he’s been unstoppable. Mitchell has been on the LPHS varsity wrestling team for two years and jv for one. Mitchell even qualified for Regionals during his sophomore and junior season.

Besides qualifying for Regionals, Mitchell’s record this season was a respectable 25-15, wrestling in the 120lbs weight class. 

What drove Mitchell to wrestle was his desire to play a tough sport. He wanted to get both physically and mentally tough. Mitchell’s desire to become physically and mentally tougher led him to wrestling.

“I’m glad I joined wrestling because it has been one of the most helpful things ever,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell loves how wrestling mirrors life.

“It’s an individual sport where it’s just you on the mat and your choices. Because life is like wrestling. One little mistake or one little good thing can make a difference,” Mitchell said. 

What excites Mitchell’s career as an athlete is being able to compete and have fun with his teammates who are like brothers to him. Mitchell has found another family in his teammates.

“Sport teams are like different families. Being in a wrestling family is a gift because it’s the best family out there besides your family. Except in wrestling we push each other to the next level,” Mitchell said. 

During the off season, Mitchell attended the Jay Robinson wrestling camp. This camp was 28 days long. While there, it helped Mitchell with his physical stamina and techniques.

Outside of wrestling, Mitchell spends lots of time studying, going outside, exploring, and hanging out with friends. 

After high school, Mitchell hopes to attend Purdue to become a nurse practitioner.

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