LPHS senior managers


LPHS is home to many athletes who are leaving a mark, but senior managers Danielle Martz, Celeste Barday, Zofia Otolski, April Tallant, and Caleb Blair, have been supporting all the players from behind the scenes as managers. 

These seniors have been managing a sport for all of their high school career. Martz helps with basketball, Barday helps football, wrestling, and baseball players, Otolski manages girls’ and boys’ swimming, Tallant works with football and baseball, and Blair gives a hand to the boys’ basketball team, and he has been managing sports since he was first introduced to the chance in 6th grade. 

For Martz, all she needed was a gentle push from a teacher to believe she can take on the position and help others. 

Tallant, although, needed a push from a friend instead.

“My freshman year my best friend (Celeste) asked me to come manage football with her so I thought why not, through watching the athletic trainers that year I decided to join the program,” Tallant stated.

Each team needs a manager for everything to run smoothly, whether it’s doing laundry, cleaning up, or making sure everything is done right at a specific time. Managing isn’t all fun and games. Managers are expected to look out for the team as if they are your own family. 

“The coolest moment I have had from managing would be earning my nickname of ‘team mom.’ I take pride in making sure my team knows they have someone looking out and supporting them. I’m normally the loudest one from the bench, cheering my team on. Even though they might think it’s obnoxious, you never know which player might be needing it,” Martz happily stated. 

Coaches find the managers to be a crucial aspect to the team and often lean on them heavily, especially during games or meets.

“Managers basically serve as an intermediate between the coaches and swimmers on meet days, they are also the ones who do all the ‘background’ data collection that is needed for the team to run smoothly,”girls swim coach, John Doty stated. 

Managers are expected to take pride in their jobs and realize the importance they have on their team and coaches. Many opportunities come with this job, not only getting to work for a team but also learning many useful skills outside of high school.

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