Braiden Thornton: LPHS’ weatherman


Coming in like a thunderstorm, sophomore Braiden Thornton has become the most popular weatherman in all of La Porte. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday he delivers well-constructed and detailed weather reports to the students of LPHS during SRT.

Starting just a few weeks ago, Thornton has become one of the most talked-about students of the high school.  There are many reasons for this, because not only is he giving out strong weather reports, which inform the public of traffic conditions, possible snow days, and temperature, he also shows that one can be himself and still thrive in high school.

“I think it definitely put it on the map,” Thornton said. “Like, I definitely think people really love it because most people don’t check their weather apps, but then they love how detailed my forecasts are.”

Ever since the age of eight, Thornton knew he wanted to be a meteorologist.  The main draw to him was how much the weather changes, and the difference in every storm.

Thornton was recommended to give weather forecasts by Mrs. Pruden after taking note for his love for meteorology. In her class he would, look at various weather forecasts and reports, studying the different patterns.

Of course, this all wouldn’t have been possible without the approval of Mrs. Rice, who works the announcements. She’s quite possibly Thornton’s biggest fan, and expressed the value of the weather reports.

“It was an excellent idea. He loves being the weatherman for La Porte High School,” Rice said.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing though. While many have supported Thornton and his weather reports, some have been against it. Originally doing the reports in the mornings, Thornton was sadly forced to move it during SRT periods. This was due to complaints it interrupted class time.

“It really upset me at first. It still kind of does to this day, but it upsetted the students, too,” Thornton said.

This hasn’t held him back though, and Thornton continues to deliver his forecasts with gusto and confidence. There is currently a petition to get him back to his regular reporting schedule.

“He’s cool and really good at his job,” Maddy Whiteman, junior student, said.

Thornton plans to keep moving forward in his career, doing the announcements until he graduates and eventually going to Valpo University. He plans to be a meteorologist at the Weather Channel down in Atlanta or the National Weather Service in Indiana.

Until then, students and staff at LPHS will continue to enjoy Thornton’s accurate and enthusiastic forecasts.


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