Mrs. Salyer helps Slicers succeed in math


Learning math at LPHS has been as easy as one, two, three ever since Mrs. Salyer made her debut here in 2015.

Salyer was raised on a farm in North Liberty, Indiana. While she grew up working, she actually didn’t start college directly out of high school. Salyer started taking classes at age 25 as an undecided major. When she discovered her love for mathematics, she decided on a math emphasis for her secondary education.

“I decided on teaching because education can change your life. I also wanted to help change the stigma mathematics has with so many people,” Salyer said. 

In 1998, Salyer began work in Fort Wayne Community Schools at an alternative learning program. She learned entirely about how to manage a classroom and middle school curriculum.

In 2004, Salyer transitioned to Northrop High School in Fort Wayne. While there, she was trained in Project Lead the Way’s (PLTW) engineering program.

“Teaching engineering changed the way I teach math, meaning I continuously work at teaching problem solving skills and applications,” Salyer said.

In 2015, LPHS fortunately gained Salyer as a teacher, and she has been working here ever since. She chose LPHS because she had student taught here in 1998.

Throughout her life, Salyer has taught sixth, seventh, and eighth grade math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Quantitative Reasoning, SAT Prep, PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design, PLTW Principles of Engineering, and PLTW Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Salyer’s favorite part about being a teacher is getting to meet so many memorable students.

“I have met some truly great young people. It’s a joy to watch kids grow academically and personally,” Salyer said. “I believe education can change your life and attaining a high school diploma is the first step to opening doors to greater opportunities.”

Salyer considers her best moments at LPHS to be seeing kids grow and gain confidence. She enjoys watching the moment when her students realize math isn’t so hard!

“She always offers her help to us and makes sure we understand the topic. Learning math has definitely gotten easier for me since I have had her,” LPHS junior Ivy Johson said.

One of Salyer’s favorite things to do is spend time with her dogs. She has a beagle named Allie and a carlin pinscher named Sassafrass. She enjoys taking them on walks, hikes, or just playing with them. Apart from that, Salyer enjoys reading, gardening, and solitude.

Slicers can actually enjoy learning the difficult subject of math with the help and support of Mrs. Salyer.

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