Businesses that should be brought to La Porte


According to NWI Times, La Porte was founded in July of 1832, and since then, many promising businesses have come and gone. In recent years, La Porte has expanded its franchises heavily, but here are some businesses that would best benefit this cozy town.

The closest Barnes & Noble to La Porte is 18 miles away in Valparaiso. I personally believe this bookstore would greatly benefit La Porte’s citizens, especially the youth. Not only would it make it easier for students to have access to a wide range of all genres of books, it would also provide a comfortable environment for students to study in.

Fishing is a popular pastime in La Porte due to the large number of lakes. Having a Bass Pro Shops would make it easier for people to enjoy nature since it provides fishing, hunting, boating, and other types of equipment for outside activities.

“I think a Bass Pro Shops should be brought to La Porte. There isn’t a whole lot to do in town besides nature related activities, but we barely have any stores that provide equipment for those activities,” Joshua Hurst, junior, said.

Aside from that, La Porte would greatly benefit from a new grocery store. Mrs. McGuire, English teacher at LPHS, believes having a Whole Foods would not only provide a larger amount of healthy food options, but it would also allow for more jobs and opportunities available for teenagers.

Grocery stores would help immensely, but we need a shop which would provide groceries and housing supplies. We have Kroger, Al’s, and Walmart, yet none of these stores focus on healthy options. Those who have dietary restrictions would benefit greatly from having a Whole Foods.

“The only supermarket we have is Walmart. Having a Target would not only help families, but it would also provide a fun place for kids to buy toys. It also offers furniture. Target has everything,” LPHS sophomore Zoey Loucks said.

On a larger scale, in the early 2000s, La Porte’s Maple Lane Mall closed down. Since then, the town has not had access to a mall closer than 25 minutes away.

Junior Hannah Schoner believes La Porte would greatly enjoy a mall. It would give access to several stores and services that provide clothing, decor, gifts, food, and more.

As for restaurants, math teacher Mr. Korell believes La Porte could benefit from having a Portillo’s.

“They have a wide range of foods from hot dogs to italian beef, and they’re very successful in other places. It would be an additional place for teenagers to go out to eat with their friends and would also be a good place to work,” Korell said.

In the past, there have been many rumors of businesses making their way to LaPorte, but Mayor Tom Dermody has set the record straight on his plan for the direction of the town.

“We are targeting different combinations of national retail changes to midwest type businesses. We want something for young adults and kids to be able to go do. That is one of our focuses,” he said. “We want to provide development, and we’re excited for what is to come in the next few years. Stay tuned for an announcement on that sometime this March.”

Overall, LaPorte has been working on expansion for awhile now, but it is still in need of change. With the help of Mayor Tom Dermody, this town is sure to meet some great expansions.

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